Diarrhoea symptoms causes and its homeopathic medicine

Diarrhoea, also known as loose motions is a common condition, and nearly everyone has suffered described as the regular passing of fluidy or loose stool. homeopathic medicine for Diarrhoea.

What causes Diarrhoea (loose movements):

  • There is a bacterial or viral or parasitic disease.

  • Food allergies like lactose intolerance.

  • Overeating

  • Food poisoning

  • Consumption of chronic or excessive amounts of alcohol.

  • Some medications cause diarrhoea. an result.

  • Digestive system diseases like Crohn's Diseases, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable intestinal condition, celiac illness,, etc.

  • Gall bladder or a bowel surgical procedure.

  • Diarrhoea caused by stress, for example.

Symptoms of Diarrhoea:

  • Pain in the Lower Abdomen which might be or may not be related with cramps.

  • The constant urge to use the bathroom

  • Motions that are loose and fluid.

  • Fever

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • An increase in pulse rate

  • Sometimes, mucus or blood could be present in the stool.

Complications of Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea may cause severe dehydration, which could develop into serious and life-threatening for children, elderly patients, or those who have weak immunity.

What Does dehydration look like?

Kids may be presenting with

  • High fever

  • Dry mouth, tongue , and lips

  • No diapers that are wet for three or more hours

  • Unresponsive, sleepy or irritable child.

  • The tears are not a crying.

  • Eyes with sunken cheeks, or stomach.

Adults may have

  • A lot of thirst

  • Dry mouth or dry skin

  • Fatigue, weakness, dizziness

  • Lightheadedness

  • Insufficient urine output or no urine.

  • Urine with a dark colour

Management and Treatment of Diarrhoea

  1. The first thing to remember is that prevention is vital.

  • Maintaining proper hand washing practices to ensure Hygiene.

  • Hands should be cleaned frequently, particularly when eating and before eating and after use of the bathroom is essential.

  • Hand sanitizer containing alcohol is recommended during times when washing hands isn't possible.

  1. Make sure to keep track of the food and drinks you consume and the place you eat. Avoid drinking or eating at an unhygienic location.

  2. Drink plenty of fluids If you suffer from diarrhoea. If you don't have access to filtering water, then boil the water prior to drinking.

  • Adults should drink water that contains electrolytes. These are available on the market in sachets , as also tetra pack that come in various flavors.

  • Children should receive ORS which is also available on the market.

  • If you can't get Electrol or ORS make it at home by adding 6 spoons of sugar as well as 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 litre of boiling water.

  1. Drinks and foods that contain probiotics, such as Curd. Also, a probiotic drink sold under the brand name of Yakult can also be consumed.

  2. Avoid milk and dairy products Highly spicy and spicy food items.

  3. Avoid eating solid food for at the least one day. Eat light meals such as khichdi, rice that has been cooked, bananas, potatoes that have been boiled and more.

  4. Dentitional diarrhoea is a frequent issue However, loose movements can be due to children placing contaminants from their surroundings in their mouths. These the loose motions do not occur due to the dentition. Therefore, it is essential to clean the food containers, the bottle, and other toys thoroughly.

  5. Homoeopathic treatment.

Homoeopathy as well as Loose motions

The Homoeopathic System of Medicine contains several very effective treatments for all kinds of diarrhoea. As well as the associated symptoms. I'm highlighting certain important drugs in this article.

  1. Arsenic Album has gained lots of respect in many conditions in homoeopathic treatment. It's a great treatment for dark-colored loose movements that are extremely infuriating and can cause weak spots. Sometimes, loose motions are caused by blood or mucous. The burning sensation is usually associated with. Patients feel worse after drinking or eating. Very good medicine for diarrhoea after stale food. Nausea can also be seen in those who require arsenic.

  2. Veratrum Album – loose movements in this album are extremely profuse and watery. They are then forcibly removed from the rectum. There is always abdominal pain after which loose movements occur. A cold sweat and weakness can occur following stool. Colicky pains and diarrhea are often associated with nausea.

  3. China officinalis patients who require China generally suffer from diarrhoea that is painless however they are afflicted with an extremely offensive the odour of cadaverous bodies. There is a loud rumbling in your abdomen that is accompanied by more sweating and increased thirst. The loose motions can become more severe after eating, particularly fruit.

  4. Sulphur patient must leave bed at a very early hour in the morning because of loose motions. The loose motions can change nature, such as the color of water, yellow and slimy.

  5. Aloe Socotrina The loose motions in this case are often accompanied by a large amount of flatus. There is an unease, weakness and the patient is always uncertain about whether he's going to pass through flatus or stool. The stool is passing even when you are urinating. There is a feeling of pain prior to the stool, as well as after it.

  6. Podophyllinum patients are suffering from early morning diarrhoea, which is a yellow, watery severe, inexplicably swollen and is not painful. It is a great remedy for diarrhoea in dentition. There is an abundance of weakness in the the rectum of patients. The when the rectum is prolapsed, it can happen before the passing of stool.

  7. Phosphorus is a helpful remedy for chronic diarrhoea. Motion is green (like an frog's spawn or the sago) and usually accompanied by mucous. Patients generally suffer from morning diarrhoea that is not digested and is painless. Diarrhoea can be accompanied by vomiting.

  8. Argentum Nitricum stool is green, similar to that of flakes of spinach chopped and there could be mucous or blood alongside the stools. Diarrhoea can be worsened by eating sweets, especially in those who need this medicine. Motions that are loose due to anxiety, emotional disturbances and mental excitement fall within the scope of this medication. Spluttering is frequent and flatus discharge and stool. This is useful for cases of Cholera Infantum.

  9. Mercurius corrosivus loose stool that is accompanied by mucus and blood. There is a lot of straining as well as the tenesmus that gives you the feeling of never ending.

  10. Calcarea Carbonicum - one of the most effective remedies for sour smelly and undigested stools. Diarrrhoea that occurs during dentition in babies with open fontanelles will need Calcarea Carbonicum.

  11. Patients usually has spluttering, swollen undigested green, and forcibly diarrhoea expelled, and many flatus.

Croton Tiglium - the patient has thin yellowish, watery stool that is constantly spilling out as if from a the hydrant. The loose motions can cause nausea and vomiting. typically worse after eating or drinking.