Homeopathy has a long history of disease protection against any pandemic. Little is understood about increasing immunity with homeopathy and protect ourselves from diseases.

Homeopathic medicines have been commonly used for flu-like conditions and pandemics around the globe. The choice of the most suitable homeopathic medicine is dependent on the individual’s particular symptoms.

 However, Gelsemium 30c and Bryonia 30c have been commonly used for flu-like symptoms and have long-established common usage for many years. Homeopathic alternatives that form part of the response to the current outbreak of Covid-19, which should also be used alongside other therapies.

It was proposed that the Arsenicum album 30 homeopathic medicine be taken empty stomach every day for three days as a prophylactic anti-infection medication. 

This study activity was carried out on individuals who were in quarantine centers, i.e. people who had interaction with supportive patients but who had spent 14 days in quarantine centers, and there were 2625 people there who gave permission and encouragement to opt for homeopathic therapy to improve tolerance during the quarantine era.

This was shown that the findings of the studies were not good despite being in isolation and taking homeopathy medicine. However only 12 patients out of 2625 patients have confirmed positive and these 12 individuals were only allowed to use the medicine for 3 days, although the real medication was for 7 days. Approximately 76.72 lakh doses of homeopathic medication ars alb and camphor is administered to improve immunity.

It also recommends certain Ayurvedic medicines, Umami decoctions and home remedies that may be helpful in the symptomatic treatment of no infections.

Physical exercise, nutritious food and adequate sleep are effective protective steps to support yourself and improve the immune system. However, while the diseases are at their highest in the soil, such steps might not be enough to maintain the protection at its maximum. You can need professional care to avoid infections. 

It help to improve the immune system naturally, without having any side effects. You can buy homeopathic medicines online.

How we can increase immunity with Homeopathy and protect ourselves from diseases

By comparison to the traditional method, homeopathic medicines work at the stage of immunity. Instead of delivering symptomatic relief, homeopathic medicines:

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  • Helps you identify the root cause of regular illnesses (low immunity)
  • Help to improve immunity naturally
  • Help establish natural disease-causing microbes defenses
  • May function as a preventive and curative medicine
  • Provide long-term relief
  • Reduce infection recurrence

Homeopathy is a well-recognized medicine method in India and has enough justification to be included with every illness. This ancient medicine program has an outstanding reputation in the prevention of epidemics and pandemics. There is also no side effect of the medicine. This herbal treatment is very safe and successful in curing respiratory diseases such as common cold, pneumonia, dengue, measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox and so on.

Your protection is the body’s security against infectious organisms and chemicals that cause sickness. People with high immunity are less prone to get illnesses, whereas people with poor immunity frequently fall sick.

Homeopathic Treatment (Medicines) to Coronavirus with different effects

Aconite: Sudden occurrence of freezing exposure; cold dry air, cough, dried coryza, headache, rugging between the mouth, fatigue, hunger, sleeplessness. Tested coryza, stronger open-air, bad chat. Fluent coryza, constant sneezing; falling of transparent hot water: a fluent morning. Throat.

Cute inflammation of the throat with high fever, deep redness of the region, pain and stinging.

Allium cepa: Coryza flowing eyes and ears, with headache; constant sneezing, profuse acrid discharge from the face, lip and neck. Lachrymation still profuse, yet soft Hot thirsty: worst evening: indoors: warm house. Best to open the room. Violent catarrhal laryngitis. Tickling in the larynx Cough tends to crack and break the larynx: it grasps the larynx, it sounds as if cough is about to sever it. Cough from cool air oxidation.

Belladonna: Suppressed catarrh with headache. Throat swollen and sore: very bright and glossy. Roughness and intense dryness of the larynx. As if the larynx is bloated and sore, with a snoring of coughing and a risk of suffocation. Acute catarrhic laryngitis. Cough of dark, sore neck.

Homeopathy is perfectly healthy for any age range of people, whether young or elderly. There is no excuse not to try homeopathy in the case of COVID-19. Allopathy work is going on all over the country, but there are always suicides. Allopathy is also considering symptomatic care. We don’t claim we have medication for COVID-19, but allopathic doesn’t have that either.


Suggestions of medications focused on a restricted knowledge of the condition are challenging to obtain. However, based on the potential to cure infectious diseases, other symptoms such as acute respiratory failure and multi-organ dysfunction syndrome, and a review of conventional homeopathy documents, some of the drugs that might be suggested are Arsenic Band, Eupatorium Perfoliatum and Lycopodium.

It is necessary to note that traditional medicine has no clear therapy for COVID-19.