SBL Clearstone could be a wide famed medication for issues associated with stones of the tract additionally to for all the rock connected grievances.

It is extremely useful for dissolving stones existing in your kidneys, channel or bladder similarly as thus helping in their easy expulsion from the body.

Composition of SBL Clearstone:

The medications that represent our medication SBL Clearstone have really been recognized within the homoeopathic system of drugs for would like for the treatment of urinary organ rocks and additionally their connected problems mutually of the foremost effective medicines. Medicines created use of during this formulation ar found out listed below:

  • Berberis vulgaris Q-- wonderful medication for conditions of kidneys, discomfort around kidneys and additionally gallstones; likewise handy in dominant the number of acid in your body.
  • Ocimum Canum Q-- showed for unwellness of kidneys, bladder and duct and additionally specific feature of red sand in water.
  • Pareira Brava Q-- useful in cases of discomfort as a results of urinary organ stones and endocrine affections.
  • Sarsaparilla Officinalis Q-- instructed for pain at the top of urination; pain and additionally upset in youngsters; visibility of sand on baby diapers.
  • ?Senecio Aureus Q-- has an especially important activity on urogenital system body organs similarly as ladies grievances.
  • Solidago Virgaurea Q-- exceptional remedy for conditions of kidneys-- discomfort, calculi, swelling, troublesome and scanty micturition, etc.

Indications for usage:

SBL Clearstone Decline ar instructed for urinary organ associated issues specifically for

  • Kidney rocks (Renal Calculi).
  • Rocks in channel.
  • Calculi within the urogenital system bladder.
  • Discomfort related to urinary organ calculi.
  • Urinary troubles like pain whereas passing water or once pissing.
  • Burning expertise whereas pissing, and so on.


  • 10-15 drops of drugs ought to be taken thrice in a very day in 0.5 a cup of water.
  • You need to ascertain thereto that you just do not eat or consume alcohol something quarter-hour before similarly as once taking the medication.
  • Though this medication is understood to be utterly riskless similarly as doesn't cause any quite aspect effects, it's perpetually much better to consult your homoeopathic medical skilled before taking any quite homoeopathic medicines to avoid any quite problems.

Various alternative valuable observance tips for kidney stones:.

  • Drink tons of water, keep moisturized perpetually to assist in terribly straightforward expulsion of rocks.
  • Avoid veggies like herbaceous plant, tomatoes, ladyfinger, spinach, fruits like guava, etc got to be stayed afar from in cases of rocks.
  • Daily travail for a minimum of 0.5 associate hour is crucial, however forestall hefty strenuous workouts.

Note: just in case your signs and symptoms persist even once taking this medication, you're inspired to go to your nighest homoeopathic medical man to urge acceptable consultation and medicine supported your constitution.