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Dr Boricke Cough-Bid (200 ml)

Dr Boricke Cough-Bid (200ml)
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Dr Boricke Cough-Bid (200 ml)

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COMPOSITION : Pulsatilla 3X, Rumex 3X, Justicia Ad 3X, Ipecacuanha 3X, Spongia 3X, Sticta Pul 3X,

Coccus cacti 3X, Blatta Ori Q, Ephedra vulgaris 3X, Drosera Q, Piper Nig Q, Zingiber

Q, Ocimum Sanc Q, Polygala senega Q, Balsum T 3X

INDICATION: All ingredients of Cough-Bid are clinical tried and proven homoeopathic medicines

for every type of Cough, Allergic Cough, Chronic Cough & Asthmatic Cough, and

Cough associated with respiratory infection.

MODE OF ACTION: Pulsatilla: Dry cough in evening and at night. Pressure upon chest and soreness.

Rumex: Tickling in throat pit causes cough. Dry teasing cough preventing sleep.

Aggravated by pressure, talking and especially by inspiring cool air and at night.

Justicia Ad : It is highly efficacious remedy for acute catarrhal. conditions of the

respiratory tract. Coryza with cough, hoarseness paroxysmal cough with

suffocating obstruction of respiration, dyspnoea, chest pain.

Ipecac : Reduces spasmodic irritation of the chest. Attacks of suffocative cough

with nausea.

Spongia : Acts on respiratory organs. Dry barking cough, croup, short and difficult

respirations are covered.

Sticta Pul : For raw throat, dry hacking cough at night and loose cough, it

facilitates expectoration.

Coccus cacti : Suffocative cough and chronic bronchitis.

Blatta ori : useful in cough with dyspnoea.

Ephedra Vul : Favourably stimulates the respiratory centre. It reduces the

symptoms of asthma by vaso-dilatory affect.

Drosera : It relives paroxysms which follow each other rapidly choking and

retching dry irritative cough.

Piper Nig : Dyspnoea, cough with pain in chest.

Zingiber : Hoarseness, breathing difficult. Cough dry, hacking, copious.

Ocimum Sanc : Wheezing and rattling sound in chest, useful in cough of children.

Polygala Senega: Hacking cough, rattling in chest, profuse mucus in the aged,

voice unsteady.

Balsum T : It is used for chronic bronchitis with profuse thick expectoration.

Dosage : 2 table spoon three time a day or as directed by physician.

Presentaion : 200 ml packing in Syrup base.