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Dr Boricke Liv-24 (200 ml)

Dr Boricke Liv-24 (200 ml)
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Dr Boricke Liv-24 (200 ml)

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COMPOSITION:    Chelidonium 1X,  Andrographis P 1X,  Ceanothus Am 1X,  Carica Pap 1X, Clerodendron Inf 1X, Cina 1X, Cardus M 1X, Lycopodium 1X, Luffa Bindal 1X Cinchona off 1X

INDICATION:     Useful for liver enlargement, jaundice, gallstone colic and loss of appetite. Malfunctioning of liver due to hepatotoxic drugs, alcoholism, post malarial  cases, constipation due to sluggish liver, fatty liver, viral infections of liver.

MODE OF ACTION:     Chelidonium : It is a prominent liver remedy, covering many of the direct reflex symptoms of diseases conditions of that organ. Reported useful for gall bladder pain, improving bile flow, and detoxification and in treatment of jaundice.

Andrographis P : Liver enlarged, pain felt in liver. Favorable in viral hepatitis, fights toxic and anti-ulcer activity. The plant is known febrifuge, tonic, alternative anthelmintic.

Ceanothus Am : This remedy possess a specific relation to the spleen. Anaemic patients where liver and spleen are at fault.

Carica Pap : It is used in dyspepsia, enlarged liver, spleen. The unripe fruit is used for stomach ache as carminative, diuretic.

Clerodendron Inf : An excellent remedy in diarrhea associated with nausea and watering in mouth. Also useful in chronic fevers with enlargement of liver and spleen.

Cina : Useful in epigastric pain, Vomiting and diarrhea immediately after eating or drinking, Twisting pain about navel. Bloated and hard abdomen.

Cardus M : The action of this drug is centered in the liver and portal system causing soreness, pain and jaundice. It is used in dropsical conditions. Depending on liver diseases. Swelling of gall bladder, cirrhosis, constipation.

Lycopodium : Liver sensitive, dropsy due to hepatic disease, Hepatitis.

Luffa Bindal : It is used in chronic malarial fever, gall stone colic, enlarged liver and spleen. It is also used for colic, cholera and jaundice.

Cinchona off : Gall stone colic, liver and spleen swollen and enlarged jaundice.

Dosage :     2 table spoon three time a day or as directed by physician.

Presentation:     200 ml packing in Syrup base.