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Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml

Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml
Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml
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Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml
Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml
Dr Boricke Tonifem 30ml

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Abroma Radix 1x , Jonosia Ashoka Q , Aletris Farinosa 3x , Helonias D 1x , Pulsatilla Nig 6, Calcarea Phos 6 , Magnesium Phos 6, Viburnum Op 6, Xanthoxylum Fr 1x.

A boom to women, useful in uterine ailments, irregular menstrual cycle, leucorrhoea,backache, gynecological sacroiliac complaints, ovarian cysts, pruritus vulvae.


Abroma Radix: Menses irregular, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, pain in lower abdomen before and during menses.                                                                           Jonosia Ashoka: A jewel of remedies in uterine trouble.  Menses suppressed and irregular, delayed menses, menstrual colic . Pain in ovarian and sacral region. Menses flow too soon ,copious and lasts long.

Aletris Farinosa: Premature and profuse menses . Useful for dysmenorrhoea,Leucorrhoea due to weakness and anemia. Habitual tendency to abortion.

Helonias D: Useful in case of ovarian cysts. Pruritus valvae. Dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis.              

Calc Phos: Menses too early, excessive in young girls, Violent headache during menses.

Mag Phos: Useful in menstrual colic.

Viburnum Op: It is used for cramps, colicky pains in pelvis organs. Effective for menses too late, scanty, lasting few hours.

Xanthoxyllum: Useful in menses too early and painful, neuralgic dysmenorrhoea.


15-20 Drops in some water thrice daily or as directed by the physician.


30 ml packing