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Dr. Reckeweg R41 Sexual Neurasthenia Drop x 5 Bottles

Dr. Reckeweg R41 Sexual Neurasthenia Drop x 5 Bottles
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Dr. Reckeweg R41 Sexual Neurasthenia Drop x 5 Bottles

Product highlights
  • Provides help in case of lack of strength and potency
  • Helps to treat hypochondria
  • Helps to reduce anger
  • Helps in controlling the seminal discharge in men
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 Dr. Reckeweg R41 Sexual Neurasthenia Drop

The homeopathic remedy Reckeweg-R41 Sexual Illness Drop treats early discharge. You can see the formation of rings in albuminous molecules, which causes water to rarify and parch. Debilitating diseases, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, overwork on other planes or physical planes. Anti-all types of old-age ailments These albuminous molecules lose their effectiveness and can no longer serve their toxicant function towards cells. This leads to the accumulation of toxic tissues. R41's composition has been modified to affect all systems with a special focus on vitality glands. The function of the germinal cells has a profound effect on the entire life-stream. This is a fact that everyone agrees with.

Key Ingredients:

  • Acidum phosphoricum

  • Agnus castus

  • Conium

  • Damiana

  • Sepia

Key Benefits:

  • In cases of impotence or lack of libido, acts as a tonic

  • High efficacy increases vitality and decreases weakness

  • Particular effect in cases where disturbances occur after debilitating diseases

  • Concentration increases and anger is reduced

  • In senile and hypochondria,

  • It strengthens the genital areas and reduces nervous exhaustion

  • In cases of exhaustion, fatigue, aversion, or repugnance to coition

  • Acts as a substitute or stimulant in the organotherapeutic context

  • Controls the involuntary seminal drainage in men

Instructions for Use

Take 15 drops of the powder with a small amount of water, 2-3 times per day before you eat. For longer periods of time or to get a faster result, 10-15 drops can be taken every 2-3 hours.

Safety Information

  • Before you use the product, make sure to read all instructions.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed dosage

  • Keep it in a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight

  • Keep children out of reach

  • Under medical supervision